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Vitamin Information:

It is extremely important that not only is your sugar glider fed a healthy and balance diet, but also given a high-quality multi-vitamin and multi-mineral product to thrive.  In continuing our ongoing research on sugar gliders, both with our veterinarians and others, we all discovered unexplained liver issues as well as other illnesses.  What we concluded is that by adding milk thistle to our vitamins it dramatically decreased liver issues within the gliders.  

Sprinkle a good multivitamin/multi-mineral, with calcium, on your glider’s food every day. These should be specifically made for sugar gliders with calcium to phosphorous ratio of at least 2:1.


The Pet Glider Complete Multi-Vitamin with Calcium is the only human grade vitamin supplement on the market. It is sold by many other breeders and supply companies all over the United States. It comes in a 180 and 360 day supply and can be purchased through The Pet Glider store on our website. We cannot stress enough how important additional vitamins are to the health of your sugar gliders. The sugar glider’s high diet of fruits and vegetables contains inverse amounts of phosphorous to calcium. High phosphorus and low calcium leaches calcium from their bones making the bones brittle and easily broken or fractured. Calcium deficiency will make your glider sick, then will cause hind leg or total paralysis, and will kill them. If you notice any trembling or shaking (on a consistent basis, not just when scared), or any trouble climbing in the cage or hanging on to the perch, contact your exotic animal vet immediately. Neocalglucon or Calciquid (calcium glutinane in a sweet syrup), is an excellent product to rebuild calcium quickly, your vet (one who is very knowledgeable in sugar gliders) can instruct you on how much and how often to give this calcium supplement. Do not feed these high phosphorous foods: beef, most seeds, nuts and cottage cheese – eliminate these foods from your gliders diet. Corn is also high in phosphorus and should be fed sparingly and an occasional almond is fine. Just think moderation. Prevention is your safest bet, so use vitamins daily and we feel ours is the best. Our vitamins are available in 3090180 & 360 day supply.


The Pet Glider 180 and 360 nutritional supplement contains both a multi vitamins and multi minerals.

Our vitamins contain calcium and amino acids, freshly ground bee pollen for the immune system, freshly ground milk thistle for healthy liver function, high grade probiotic powder for absorption of nutrients and healthy intestinal flora, acacia gum powder high in calcium (nutrients eaten by sugar gliders in the wild), 100% whey protein isolate, and coconut nectar (nutrient with a low glycemic index).  Our vitamins do include a natural source of vitamin K, as well as organic kelp and spirulina. All our ingredients are human grade.