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Take home a unique pet today


Our goal at The Pet Glider is to breed healthy and good-natured sugar gliders.  You can rest assured knowing that sugar gliders purchased from The Pet Glider have received the highest level of care and a well-balanced diet through The Pet Glider Vitamins and Diet Plan.  We are a service and education-based company, and have been raising sugar gliders for over 18 years. Please feel free to take the opportunity to visit and tour us at The Pet Glider, meet our staff of caregivers and be introduced to some of our amazing sugar gliders.

The Pet Glider offers a phenomenal service called the TPG Pedigree Program.  This is a program for keeping track of sugar glider genetics throughout the world.  Priscilla Price is known as one of the foremost authorities in sugar glider husbandry.  

Once the decision has been made to purchase Sugar Gliders, we recommend doing a thorough due diligence on the breeder that you’re considering.  The breeder and the care of their gliders is important for the continued health and happiness of your sugar gliders. We recommend the following steps in finding an excellent breeder.

  1. Know the breeder that you’re purchasing from.  
  2. If reviews are available online, read them.
  3. Tour the facility where the parents and gliders are kept.  
  4. Ask about the various sugar glider varieties available. 
  5. Meet the caretakers of the gliders. 
  6. In captivity, gliders can live from between 8 to 14 years.  So, taking into consideration the ages of the gliders is something to consider in your decision making. 
  7. Ask questions about the current diet being fed.  Including treats being given. Is the breeder feeding live nutritious mealworms.
  8. Making the decision as a family is extremely important.  We want our gliders to be welcomed into loving, nurturing and caring homes.
  9. Make sure you are in contact with a breeder who will educate you properly and with whom you trust with helping you after your gliders are in your home. 

The Pet Glider specializes in a full line of the highest quality Sugar Glider supplies.  We have a boutique offering everything that you’ll need to set up your precious pets at home.   

We also have an onsite Toy maker who can work with you in creating one of a kind designs for your precious gliders. 

We carry the best quality cages for your new sugar gliders as well as cage bundles that will ensure that you’ll have everything needed for your new family member.

TPG Vitamins with calcium, Sugar Glider Brunch, Live Mealworms & treats.

HQ – Queensland Cage, an extra tall sugar glider cage.

HQ – Outback Cage, a tall sugar glider cage.

HQ Cage covers

Sleeping & Bonding pouches

Tray liners

Fun & safe toys created on site here at Toyland

Nail trimmers

Water bottles

Exercise wheels

And so much more…….

And once home, you can shop our website at www.thepetglider.com for any additional items that you may later discover that you’d like to spoil your glider with.   

We are a licensed USDA sugar glider breeder as well as a licensed U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Import/Exporter.  We are authorized to ship anywhere in the world where it is legal to own sugar gliders.  We have superior experience and expertise in shipping sugar gliders near and far.  

If you have the time to drive out to our facility located in Houston, TX, we welcome you to stop by and tour The Pet Glider – Glider World.  You won’t be disappointed.