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Picking the Perfect Glider

Picking the Perfect Glider

Q: Should I choose 2 males, 2 females, or a neutered male and a female?

A:  There is a misconception that neutered males make the most affectionate pets. Here, at The Pet Glider, we love both males and females equally. If you would like a male sugar glider, he will be neutered, at no additional cost to you, before going to their new home. Most individuals are interested in sugar gliders as pets. 

If you choose gliders that are currently not cage mates or best friends, we will introduce them for you before going to their new home. 

Neutered males do not get the bald spot on the top of their heads and they do not have the scent gland that an intact male has, they have very little scent, just like the females. 

Once the sugar gliders are home, please allow the gliders a few days to acclimate to their new environment, then you can begin the wonderful and exciting bonding process. We have some great information to guide you in bonding with your new gliders, just ask us!

Q: What if I’m interested in breeding my sugar gliders?

A: If you decide that you would like to breed your sugar gliders, we will be happy to assist you with any questions that you might have.  As a reminder, if you choose to breed your sugar gliders, they will not stop reproducing until you have the male neutered. If you should decide you want to breed, we carry a great product containing a safe enzyme that can be sprayed on their food to neutralize the male scent.

Q: Can I buy just one sugar glider? Are they better in pairs or colonies?

A: While you can buy a single sugar glider from us, we will ask for verifiable proof that you currently own a glider, otherwise, we only sell, at minimum, in a pair. Sugar gliders are very social animals, and truly thrive when they have another glider with them. Please know there is no substitute for their glider cage mate! They can groom one another, play at night, and snuggle up to a warm companion while you are away or asleep. A single glider requires a great deal more attention than a group, and they could become very depressed if left alone for extended periods of time. Our policy is: NO SUGAR GLIDER SHOULD BE ALONE, AWAYS KEEP SUGAR GLIDERS IN PAIRS! It is the right thing to do.

Q: How do I get my sugar glider? Do I have to pick them up from you?

A: The Pet Glider is based in Houston, Texas. Conveniently located near NRG Stadium. We welcome you to visit, tour our facilities and meet our sugar gliders. You are more than welcome to pick out and pick up your sugar gliders and all the supplies you need for them. We can also ship your sugar gliders, through the airlines, to a major airport near you. We are experts in airlines shipping and have been safely doing so for over eighteen years. We use United Airlines Pet Safe Program. You can read all about our process here.

Q: What supplies will I need when buying sugar gliders?

A: Your average pet store isn’t equipped with the latest in sugar glider supplies, it’s important to have everything you need ahead of time so that you’re not waiting for items to come in the mail! Here at The Pet Glider, we recommend new glider owners have at least the following items ready for their new arrivals at home:

More information about these items can be found in our article about Sugar Glider Supplies, detailing the specifics of cage size, type of wheel, and more. We also have starter bundles available (PlusLuxuryMega & Premium ) that offer a cost effective way of getting started with supplies. These items are also available separately in our boutique.

Q: Aside from supplies, how else can I make my home “glider ready”?

A: One of the most important things to keep in mind is a sugar glider’s small size, combined with their natural inclination to find hiding spots. If left unsupervised, they may find their way into nooks and hiding holes you didn’t even know you had in your home! Try to look at things from a glider’s perspective and block off areas that they may crawl inside. This includes areas behind stoves and fridges, and well as any ventilation areas. Make sure there are no entry holes under cabinetry in the kitchen or baths. Be careful with any body of water and keep toilet lids closed as gliders would be unable to get out of a toilet and would drown. We do not recommend letting a glider run loose in your house. They will bond quicker and will be calmer if you keep them on your shoulder, in a pocket (where they can see out) or inside your shirt or bonding pouch. Gliders should never be taken outside unless they are in a glider tote where they are secure and cannot run off if scared. It would only take one time for your glider to get scared, run up a tall tree, never to be seen again. Please don’t take that chance.

Q: Once I receive my sugar gliders from The Pet Glider, can I contact you with more questions?

A: Absolutely!  We pride ourselves on our after-adoption support, and you’re more than welcome to ask us any questions you may have. We’ll gladly give advice and answer questions you may have on bonding, nail trimming, behavior, health, and more.  

Feel free to call, text or email any of our specialists.