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Neutering Sugar Gliders

If you’re purchasing a male sugar glider from The Pet Glider as a pet, your glider will be neutered before going home to his new family.  The procedure is performed by a local veterinarian with a great deal of experience, the process is completely safe.  Neutering has been found to decrease health problems, eliminate testicular cancer, decrease aggression, and reduce the odor that can occur with male gliders.  Neutering is included for pet only male glider purchases. If you are a breeder or want to start a breeding program we would obviously not neuter your male. Please discuss breeding details with us.

We take our gliders to Dr. Dan Jordan of Animal Medical Center of the Village. He is an award-winning exotic veterinarian with years of experience with sugar gliders, and we know he treats our gliders right!  If you’re in the Houston area, please check out their website, linked above, for more information.

Some frequently asked questions about neutering your male sugar glider.   

Why should I have my male sugar glider neutered?

  1. To stop the breeding process if your male happens to be part of a colony with females.  You don’t want inbreeding to take place within your colony.
  1. Reduces the risk of testicular cancer. 
  1. Reduces aggression and enables gliders to live more amicably together. 
  1. Neutering your adopted male sugar gliders reduces odor.
  1. They make sweeter and more loving companions for their cage mages and owners.

At what age can male sugar gliders be neutered? 

      8 weeks or close 60 grams or above in weight.