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Joey Growth


In the wild, Sugar Gliders will mate once a year, having only 1-2 joeys at time. In captivity, gliders will produce all year round since it is in an controlled environment. Gestation for females is about 16 days, once the gestation period is over, the mother will lick a trail from her cloaca where the joeys, the size of a very small bean, will travel to her pouch. They will then find a nipple to latch onto and stay in her pouch.

Once the joey, or joeys, have attached, you will notice the mom’s pouch getting bigger over the course of a few weeks. Around 3 weeks is when the babies will be visible. 5 weeks is when the tail or feet start sticking out of the pouch. During this time, the mom will make various “hissing” noises and start to shake her hips from side to side, this is a nursing sound and is normal. Since females have 2 uteri, it is normal for 2 joeys in pouch to have different development stages.

The OOP (out of pouch) is the date when they are detached from the nipple and can reattach of their own will, this is around 6-7 weeks. Their eyes will still be closed, their fur is flat and they are able to make various noises such crying and crabbing. The joeys will mostly stay nursing from mom’s pouch.

-At 10 days old is when their eyes start to open. They will still be nursing on mom, but joeys will be able to climb onto dad’s back to allow the mother to eat and play.
-3 weeks oop, eyes are fully open, fur is semi fluffed out and joeys will start to cling on either parents while they go out to explore and eat.
-4 to 5 weeks old, fur is fully fluffed out, joeys will begin to explore the cage on their own. They are still nursing on mom, but will also test out the main food.
-6 to 7 weeks old, joeys will begin eating more of the main food as well any treats the parents are eating.
-Joeys are completely weaned from their mom at 8 weeks old. They are able to be on their own.


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