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Sugar Glider Housing 

Housing, or your sugar glider’s permanent home, is just as important as diet. This is where they’ll be sleeping, eating, and playing when they’re not with you. Depending on how many gliders you have, will depend on the appropriate size cage you’ll need. Most owners only have 2, so the minimum size is just fine for any age gliders, but bigger is always better!


The Pet Glider recommends your cage to be at least 3 feet tall, and wide enough for them to jump from one end to another as well as bar spacing to be ½ inches wide. A tall cage is always better than a long cage, since they’re very active and love to jump around and climb. We provide a great selection of cages on our website that are suitable for 2 or more gliders.


There are 2 common types of cages you can get for gliders: commercial cages and homemade cages. Commercial cages are the ones that you can buy on the web or in store. They come in a set size and are the most popular choice. Homemade cages are exactly as they are. Most homemade cages are built with PVC pipes and plastic netting. There are many tutorials online on how to make your own.


Bedding is what goes on the bottom of your cage or in the tray. You can use fleece, puppy pads, newspaper, or the paper liners on our website. Do NOT use any soft woods shaving such as Cedar or Pine (the oils release from the wood are toxic) or any bedding with scents. Gliders are grabby and will try to pull what they can from the bottom of the cage.


We use fleece pouches at our location and recommend this for owners also. Gliders prefer to sleep in soft places and tend to prefer the higher places. They’ll sleep in the pouches, fleece cubes, and even the gourds if there are blankets in there for them. If your cage is big enough, it’s best to provide many sleeping places for them.


The ideal temperature for gliders should be 75 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit (24 – 27 degrees Celsius). The colder your room is, the more likely they’ll be asleep to try to conserve energy. Sugar gliders DO NOT need a heating pad or lamp. They are mammals, they can regulate their own body temperature.


And lastly. Toys! This is where you, as their parents, can get creative and decorate their cage in any way you want. The wheel is their favorite toy and provides endless fun for them, but if you have a large cage, they’ll most likely play around than run in their wheel.



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