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Let’s Talk Sugar Gliders and Treats

We, as glider owners, need to apply common sense to what we are giving our pets.  We can make choices as to what we eat, but they only get what we offer.  Think of their health and their wellbeing when offering treats.  Start offering fruits (that is enough sugar in itself), veggies, mealies, and pine nuts (to name a few) as treats.  Those are much healthier options.

Treats should be fed very sparingly.  The type of treats that are offered should be of a nutritious nature.  Simply because our pets are called Sugar Gliders does not mean every treat should be sugar based.

Remember that a treat is just that, a treat.  It is not a part of their daily diet plan, nor should it be part of their daily life.  We’ve seen so many horrible treats being offered, and more and more we’re seeing pictures of severely obese sugar gliders.  Which is a large contribution of the obesity being the treats that are being offered.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the quantity and frequency you are offering treats.  One small yogurt drop is a handful for a sugar glider.  That’s more than what they need, yet we feel the need to give them 2, 3, 4 or more at a time; and sometimes they get that amount daily.  That is like eating an entire bag of potato chips in one sitting and eating a bag per day!  Put what you are giving them into perspective and evaluate what they get.  You may soon realize why your gliders are becoming “fluffy”.

Excellent treats for sugar gliders include yogurt drops, dried fruits such as pineapple and mango, dried vegetables, and more. The Pet Glider boutique carries all these treats along with other sugar glider supplies, which can be ordered from our website as well. Cutting up fresh fruit such as watermelon and oranges, or sweet potatoes will make your sugar gliders jump for joy. 

The favorite healthy treat of a sugar glider are live giant mealworms. It is a high protein treat and can be given to them daily – no more than 6 to 8 giant mealworms per glider. It is also a great treat to use when bonding with your sugar glider or having fun hand feeding your pet. You can order mealworms from our website for your convenience.  

TPG, The Pet Glider, does not recommend chocolate of any kind, candy of any variety, bread, cat food, dog food, seeds or any food with high sugar content. We do not feed our gliders any type of nuts. An occasional non-seasoned raw almond would be ok, but our pastedGraphic.pngrle of thumb is NO NUTS. Any vegetable that is high in phosphorous is not good for sugar gliders. An example of a food high in phosphorous is corn, which should be fed sparingly and only in moderation.  Phosphorous leaches calcium from the bones and can cause hind leg paralysis, also known as metabolic bone disease. 

We’re not telling you to stop giving treats, or stop the type of treats you feed, they are your sugar gliders and it is your responsibility to make the decisions you feel are best for them. All that we ask is that you really think about what you are offering them and make the best decisions you can.  Remember, quality, quantity, and frequency!

The Pet Glider sells various treats on our website. All our fruit treats are dehydrated fruit with no added sugars. Our yogurt drops are 100% pet safe, do not use baby yogurt drops as treats.