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Daily Feeding and Snacks  

Q: What do sugar gliders eat? I heard that they can eat anything?

Sugar gliders in the wild have very specific dietary needs, and a glider raised in captivity is no different. There is no generic “glider food” as there is with cats and dogs. Dedicated glider lovers enjoy putting together a great diet of variety and nutrition, providing their sugar gliders with the food and vitamins they need to live long, healthy lives. Primarily, gliders need a diet that is high in protein, moderate fat, low phosphorus, loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables. TPG vitamins, which contain essential calcium important to their diet, are added to their fruits, veggies and protein. We highly recommend The Pet Glider Diet. The TPG Diet has been used with thousands of sugar gliders and is specially formulated to provide them with the nutrients they need and a taste they love. It’s used in conjunction with our custom vitamins, The Pet Glider Complete Vitamins with Calcium, which is mixed into or sprinkled on top of their food. Calcium is especially important for pet sugar gliders. 

As far as “eating anything,” this is not true at all. Just as with other pets, there are certain foods that are off limits, which includes; chocolate, onions, scallions, garlic, foods high in phosphorus, and more. If someone is telling you that they can just eat a pelleted diet or “just eat pizza or whatever you have laying around,” they are misleading you. While it may not immediately kill your glider, it will have a great impact on their health, longevity and quality of life.

Q: How about snacks? If they’re great for bonding, can there be too much of a good thing?

There are certain snacks that are safe for gliders, such as the various treats that we sell in our boutique; approved fruits and veggies, and live giant meal worms. Live mealworms can be an excellent way to teach tricks, reinforce good behavior and enhance quality bonding time. We recommend no more than 8-10 live giant mealworms per day, per glider, depending on your gliders amount of exercise outside the cage. Feed plain yogurt treats sparingly.  Eucalyptus is an excellent source of enrichment for your sugar glider. But live giant mealworms are the best! After all, you want to keep your sugar gliders from being too heavy to glide!